Mailshot 16:   May 2020

1.  The bidding proceeds 1C by partner and your RHO goes 3C.  
    This is promptly alerted and explained as "Both Majors,
     ghestem."  It continues -
           1C - (3C) - P - (3H)
           P  - (3S) - All Pass

     It transpires at the end that 3C was actually Spades + Diamonds, the bidder 
     made a mistake.  The correct bid was 2C. In the meantime, you were cold for 
     3H and 3S went -2 for 100 to you.  3H would have been -5.
     The 3C bidder had:  K109xx, xx, AKJxx, x
     DIRECTOR!     What ruling do you expect?
2.  Player opened 1NT in 3rd seat with 
         Ax             Bidding went 1NT - 3NT.
      3NT made on the nose after a small spade was led, away from A-Q-10-6.  
      A heart lead beats this by 2 tricks.

      DIRECTOR!    Your ruling?

3.   A couple from Europe come to play at your club  (they are on a cruise
      liner and disembarked for the day). Players have a convention card 
      and asked the TD to look over it and to approve it.  You scan the CC 
      and all looks fine.  You get to carding and see:
       a) They lead smallest from xx in suit contracts;
       b) They make roman signals on honour leads (A or K).  
         [roman = odd likes, even dislikes with suit preference]

      As the TD, what do you tell the pair?


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