Mailshot 7:   November 2019

This incident happened at The Links on Saturday 26th Oct. You are called to a table in the A-Section to give a ruling. Here are the hands first -

The bidding:

W     N     E     S
            P     1C
1H    X*    P     1NT     *alerted as "negative"
P     2C    P     2S
P     2NT   P     3NT
P     P     P
Lead: 2

Declarer makes 10 tricks and East calls the TD at the end of play.

To the TD:"I would have doubled 2C if it was alerted as "checkback stayman". That would demand a club lead and not give a cheap heart trick away, and the tempo." East is visibly upset.

As TD you ask a few questions and to summarize:

  • 2C was meant as checkback by North. He would follow it up with an invitational 2NT. In their system, 2NT directly over 1NT = transfer to 3C.
  • South was not sure what 2C was. To cover all bases he bid 2S.
  • South bids 3NT with his maximum and supposed 2 heart stoppers.
  • Before the lead, North (dummy) announces that there was a non-alert of 2C as checkback and East "reserved his rights".
  • The play: South won the heart cheaply, played the DA (dropping the king) and finessed in spades making 10 tricks in all.

At the end of the hand East calls the TD and is highly aggrieved at not being given the option to double an artificial 2C bid for a club lead, and calls you to rule.

QUIZ: Over to you. Your ruling please?

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