QUERY 1:     22nd Nov.   From Pete Maybury, JHB

Please advise on recommended bidding  to reach optimum contract,
 and is it  6S, 7S, 6NT (by west) or  7D ?

TEAMS.  East dealer, Love All.   N/S silent 

   West      East
S  AKQxx     xxx
H  Kx        AQxx
D  QJT       AKxxxx 
C  Kxx       void

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QUERY 2:     19th May 2018   From a Benoni player

 We had this hand at the club on Wednesday and it cost me 1700 points!  
 Thank God no money was involved.  Pairs.
 East opened 2S at these colours (!) and my partner had a problem as South.
 After a pregnant pause of 5 min, she doubled.  A prompt 4S by West and I
 thought 5D was a certainty.  5D - Pass - Pass - Double.   -1700.
 My question to the panel is: Should South Pass 2S, 3C, 3H or Michaels 3S?

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