QUERY 4:     5th July.   From James Grant, Johannesburg

No one vulnerable and no bidding from the opposition, 
playing 2/1 partner opens 1S and you hold
H 854
D AQ1098
C K105
over your 2D, he bids 3D.
What’s your next bid and what does it mean?

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QUERY 3:     6th June.   From Ashton Emery, Rivonia Bridge Club

I would appreciate your advice on the following hand that I received at the weekend in a pairs competition.
The system I was playing, as agreed with my partner, was Standard American.

Love All and my RHO is dealer and passes.

I have    S:     A, K, Q, J, 6, 5, 3
          H:     2
          D:     J, 6, 3, 2
          C:     6 
What bid should I make?

Are their alternative bids that I could make? 

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