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Blog 9   July 2017

We had a very productive committee meeting, this month and I want to share some of the points with you.

Firstly, regarding the zonals that we ran in May, we had anticipated an expense of between R250,000 – R300,000. Thanks to the incredible donations, in funds as well as in kind, and fund raising our expenses came out at just over R76,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all concerned. The last time we held the zonals in South Africa was some 20 years ago and we were a country that was due to host such an event.

We ran a poll regarding the timing of our congress to be held next year in Johannesburg. The result was 2/1 in favour of utilizing the 2 public holidays and therefore we will be holding congress at the Links from Friday the 27 th May till the following Friday the 4 th May 2018.

Other news, the trials for the Commonwealth Games are to be held from the 14 th to 19 th November 2017 as the games will be held from the 14 th February till the 18 th February 2018 - the venue being the Gold Coast, Australia. There will be no colours awarded and we will be sending one team. Having a South African Passport is the most important requirement.

We also ran a poll regarding the Interprovincial Tournament and due to the lack of interest and response we have had to cancel this years’ event and we will not be hold this event any longer.

Interclub next year, is to be held in Durban from the 1st till the 4thNovember 2018

Regarding transformation of our provinces as they exist now, the delimitation of zones and areas between the SABF and SASCOC are not the same and we have to comply with the SASCOC requirements.

For instance, Southern Cape does not exist in the SASCOC delimitation but falls into Western Cape. All clubs listed on the Southern Cape website will be incorporated via a link to the Western Cape website for purposes of the SASCOC delimitation and for the SABF to comply with the zoning required by SASCOC. It is stressed very clearly that Southern Cape will not lose their autonomy and will continue to operate in exactly the same manner as before.

This situation also exists with Northern Gauteng. Once again, the Northern Gauteng clubs will be incorporated into the Gauteng website via a link and NGBU will operate autonomously, as they have in the past.

This is merely a formality to comply with the requirements of SASCOC.

It was agreed that Border and Eastern Cape would be incorporated into one Union as required by SASCOC but that Border would still be permitted to send a team to SAWBA under the Border banner

This is the month of the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and The D’Orsi Cup to be held in Lyon France.

We wish our three teams every success and we will be watch on BBO and the link from the SABF Website. We are also thrilled that Noah Apteker will be playing in the Youth Championship in Lyon in a team with 3 British young men.

Wishing you great bridge